“Anne Steele’s vibrant faith embraced every circumstance of life, whether joy or sorrow, life or death. In these pages Priscilla Wong ably demonstrates that Anne’s poetry always leads the reader straight to the heart of God, the source of all good.” 

—Faith Cook, author of Our Hymn Writers and Their Hymns

“Priscilla Wong provides a careful and thorough analysis of Anne Steele’s hymns, placing them in historical context and drawing out their spiritual significance.” 

—Sharon James, author of In Trouble and in Joy: Four Women Who Lived for God

“Anne Steele, the daughter of an eighteenth-century English Baptist minister, wrote hymns that were widely sung well into the nineteenth century. While acutely aware of human frailty, she was also powerfully conscious of the divine power to redeem. Anne’s spirituality is carefully analyzed and warmly commended in Priscilla Wong’s perceptive study.”

—David W. Bebbington, professor of history at the University of Stirling, Scotland

“An individual’s attitude in worship is primarily determined by one’s theological understanding of God. If her knowledge of God is shallow and deficient, this will be reflected particularly in the hymns. However this is not so in Anne Steele’s hymns, which exhibits a coherent unity of sound theology and reverent piety. The former leads to the latter. Credit be given to Priscilla whose remarkably able  study of Steele has accentuated the significance of doctrine for piety. Hope this work might enjoy a wider reception.”

—Dr. Dennis Ngien, Professor of Systematic Theology at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, ‘Research Scholar in Theology’, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University, and founder of Centre for Mentorship & Theological Reflection.